The Lord Giveth, The Lord Taketh Away








Sometimes the hardest part about writing is finding a good beginning. And since I can’t find a good beginning, I’m just going to start in the middle. I had my appointment with the MS Specialist on Monday and he is fairly certain based on my physical symptoms that I don’t have MS. He still wants to see the actual MRI pictures but unless he sees anything on the pictures that weren’t annotated on the radiologist notes I can scratch that off of my list of worries. We still have a lot of work to do trying to figure out these continuing migraines and find a way to treat them along with the brain lesions, but things are certainly looking up. But enough about me, since I don’t find myself all that interesting.

One of the worst things about getting older is that you start to lose people from your life faster than you accumulate them. As if my mother’s continuing illness weren’t enough we received a call early this morning that Joe’s brother Stephen had passed away from a massive coronary. He was 51 years old and lived his life exactly as he wanted. A huge man with a huge personality you always knew when he was in a room. He was a great dancer and had a dry/sly wit. And whether he was directing it at you or someone else he was always spot on with his insights; whether you liked it or not.

During the 26 years I’ve been a member of the family I have watched while Steve struggled off and on with drug addiction and all of the demons that go with it. And yet for the last six months or so he was clean and sober. He was working and putting his life back together. Just yesterday he had spoken to his siblings and his mother and seemed upbeat and happy. So perhaps it is fitting that during this upswing in his life his heart finally gave out.

As I sit writing this my youngest son is having his 14th birthday party in the basement and I am reminded of how quickly time goes by. One day they are born and the next they are apply for grad school at MIT (way to go JJ!!!). In between the days go by and we think that tomorrow we will find time to enjoy life when our job is demanding or the house is less messy. The truth is that whether we have 51 years or 100 years there are never enough of them.

So¬† go out this weekend and enjoy the sunshine, rain, leaves, clouds…whatever. Call the people you love and a few you just like. Leave a few dirty dishes in the sink and dog hair on the floor. Count your blessings and enjoy all of your days.